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We want to make a promise

By 24 March 2022March 30th, 2022No Comments
Young fundraisers

Young ones are our future leaders, colleagues, patients and friends.  They are a huge part of the Airedale community and a very special part at that.

We want to make sure that all our young fundraisers have the best possible experience so we want to promise you that –

  • We will make sure you feel safe, included, encouraged and supported.
  • We will always put your wellbeing first.
  • We will make sure you are respected and treated fairly.
  • We will give constructive feedback and never criticise.
  • We will encourage you to follow our acts of kindness rules and be kind and considerate.
  • We will lead by example.
  • We will make sure that all children have the same opportunities and support to succeed.
  • We will always ask for parental consent to take pictures and videos.
  • We will always encourage you to have fun and enjoy your #teamairedale experience.