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Helping Airedale stay hydrated

By 15 March 2021August 4th, 2021No Comments
Picture of a member of staff at Airedale Hospital using the new water cooler

We were delighted to purchase and supply 15 new water coolers in a number of areas across Airedale to increase access to fresh chilled water.  


One of our elderly wards that has been on the frontline caring for patients with Covid-19, were one of the first to have their water cooler installed.  Katie Widdop, Senior Sister gave us their thoughts:-

“We have around 35 members of our team and that’s not including doctors, therapists etc.

Everyone is benefiting from the water cooler as it is in a prime place on the ward by the dayroom and nurses’ station so everyone can see it and “think drink”.  We have cups provided with a little cup holder and we also have flavoured juices that everyone can use. 

On average we have around 10 staff on duty at any one time, around the clock.  We are encouraging our patients to use the facility too as it’s by the day room so when patients are sat having meals (socially distanced) we offer it a nice cold drink. 

We use it on our tea-round as well, especially as the water is lovely and cold – you just don’t get that out of a tap.

The feedback from staff is that they love it!  It’s easy to use, no mess and because its visible it actually encourages staff to drink which helps reduce headaches and just take 5 minutes to rest.”