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Skipton Rotary Club fund comfort trolleys at Airedale Hospital

By 17 August 2023October 5th, 2023No Comments
Group of people with a trolley, flag and banner

Skipton Rotary Club have donated funds to the Palliative Care team at Airedale Hospital which has enabled the team to purchase additional comfort trolleys for use across the hospital for patients receiving palliative care.  The bedside trolleys, which include snacks, tea, coffee and toiletry items are designed to provide comfort essentials for patients and their families during a very difficult time. This ensures that family members who are often reluctant to leave their relatives can stay by their side.


Nichola Tullett, who leads the Palliative Care team at Airedale explains, “Understandably, families want to spend as much time as they can with their loved ones towards the end of their lives, and it is really important that they feel they are able to do so.  We want to do everything possible to support families at this very emotional time and the comfort trolleys allow staff to not only support their emotional needs, but their physical needs as well. We really hope to continue to raise more money so that we can provide the wards with further trolleys which will benefit more families.”


David Newall, President of the Skipton Rotary Club at the time of the donation, said:

“I am proud that Skipton Rotary has been able to make a further difference to our community. We are delighted to fund additional trolleys for the wards which I am sure will be a great asset to the compassionate care that the Palliative Care team at Airedale provides.”


With the support of Airedale Hospital & Community Charity, the Palliative Care team have recently been able to fund and provide other items to enhance the care of patients receiving end of life care.   These have included bereavement boxes, bedside recliner chairs and toiletry bags, as well as CD players so that music can be played to patients.  With the addition of the end-of-life trolleys, all these items will make a huge difference to the patient and their relatives at what can be a very emotional time.


Jodie Hearnshaw, head of Airedale Hospital & Community Charity, adds:

“We are extremely grateful for the continued support of Skipton Rotary Club, the money donated will have a real impact on the families of those patients receiving palliative care here at Airedale, and will support the wonderful work of our Palliative Care team.”

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