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Skipton Rotary funds innovative blood pressure monitors for Airedale Endoscopy Unit

By 11 November 2021No Comments
Members of Skipton Rotary presenting blood pressure monitors to endoscopy unit

Two former presidents and members of Skipton Rotary Club, Mike Thornett and Andrew Gold (who is also the Trust’s current Chair), recently presented two brand new Mindray blood pressure monitors, each costing over £1,200, to Airedale Hospital’s endoscopy unit. This additional equipment was funded using monies that Skipton Rotary Club had raised and donated to Airedale Hospital and Community Charity.

Blood pressure monitors are used to quickly and accurately test blood pressure. The team on the endoscopy unit use these machines before they perform endoscopy procedures. During an endoscopy procedure, organs inside the body are looked at using an endoscope, which is a long thin tube with a light and a camera at one end. Images inside the body are shown on a television screen and the clinician can investigate unusual symptoms or perform certain types of surgery.

Mike Thornett (Skipton Rotary Club president 2019-20) chose Airedale’s endoscopy unit as the named charity for his year as president because he felt it was important to give back following his family’s positive experiences. The new machines will both enhance patient experience and save precious time for clinicians.


Mike said:

“My wife had bowel cancer and spent some time on the endoscopy unit at Airedale in 2019.

“I wanted to give back to say thanks for the great care and kindness that she received while she was being treated, so I decided to make it my chosen charity while I was Skipton Rotary president.

“I’m really pleased that we could fund this important equipment for the endoscopy unit.”


Marieke Koenhorst-Pearse, senior sister on the endoscopy unit, said:

“The new blood pressure monitors are excellent.

“We now have one machine per patient. This saves time for staff, making it quicker and easier to use and clean the equipment between patients.

“This generous donation will improve the overall experience for patients with us, as procedures can be done more efficiently, and waiting times are decreased.

“Thank you to Mike and Skipton Rotary for thinking of us.”


Photographed L-R: Marieke Koenhorst-Pearse (senior sister on endoscopy), Mike Thornett (Skipton Rotary president 2019-20), Andrew Gold (Airedale NHSFT Chair and Skipton Rotary president 2020-21), Caroline McGlynn-Milner (senior healthcare support worker on endoscopy).