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Skipton Rotary Club raises £5,000 for device to help Airedale Hospital’s youngest patients

By 1 March 2023No Comments
David and Andrew from Skipton Rotary handing the device over to representative from the children's unit

Skipton Rotary Club has funded a new, innovative device to improve experiences for children receiving treatment at Airedale Hospital. They funded the device through Airedale Hospital & Community Charity, the official NHS charity for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.


The AccuVein device costing £5,000 was funded by the club’s annual Dragon Boat Race fundraiser.


The small device is used to easily find veins in children who need a blood test or similar procedure. The vein viewer shines a bright green light and makes the veins stand out, helping clinicians to accurately find veins that are otherwise difficult to see. This new technology makes procedures much easier for both patients and clinicians.


The Skipton Dragon Boat Race, which took place at the Coniston Hotel in May 2022, raised a staggering £5,000 for Airedale Hospital & Community Charity. There were three teams that raced specifically for the charity, and a large raffle which both contributed to the total raised. Among the teams that raced for the charity were teams from the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust’s Outpatient Department and Vaccination Centre.


Kirsty Randell, matron for children’s services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“I’d like to say thank you to David and his colleagues from Skipton Rotary Club on behalf of the team from the children’s unit. We’re really grateful to the club for donating an incredible amount to fund this important equipment.

“The AccuVein device quickly and easily locates veins in babies and small children. This reduces procedure time and makes things less painful and traumatic. Experiences for children in our care are improved by reducing the procedure time as well as making it less painful and traumatic. This in turn helps children to feel more comfortable and less afraid of future procedures and gives them an overall positive experience of the hospital setting.”


David Newall, President at Skipton Rotary Club, said:

“I’m delighted that Skipton Rotary Club raised £5,000 through the 2022 Dragon Boat Race to fund the AccuVein for the children’s unit at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. It was touching to hear about the impact of the device and how it will improve experiences for children at Airedale Hospital.”


Photographed L-R: Andrew Gold (past president and member at Skipton Rotary Club, chair at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust), Kirsty Randell (matron for children’s services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust), David Newall (president at Skipton Rotary Club), Jodie Hearnshaw (Head of Charity, Airedale Hospital & Community Charity)