Grow it!

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The Grow it! challenge helps you learn entrepreneurial, business and financial skills with support and help whilst also raising funds for a very important cause in your local community.

How it works

To sign up for the Grow it! challenge please complete the ‘sign me up!’ form which is available from the Charity website or by contacting Charity HQ. You will need to make sure that you get your parent or guardian’s consent. Each person that signs up to the challenge will need £1.

From here it’s up to you! The idea is to do something to make your money grow. Use your creative skills and your business flare to grow your investment however you see fit. You need to use it to set yourself up in some sort of business. In your starter pack you will receive a small list of rules (don’t worry there aren’t many!) and some ideas of things you could try.

You set the timescale for your challenge. When you sign up you will need to let us know how long your challenge will last, we recommend a nice round number like one week or one month. We wouldn’t recommend anything over one month so you can stay focused and maximise your profit. You don’t wan to get bored!

You can even sign up for the challenge with a group of friends. Why not share your resources and try and work as a team to grow your money even more?

You must keep accounts and be able to explain how you have grown your pound.

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Once your challenge is finished

You will need to complete the ‘I did it!’ form that we sent to you in your pack. This will let us know how you have done, how much you have raised for Airedale and is an opportunity for you to share any photographs from your challenge (as long as your parent or guardian agrees). There will also be instructions of where and how you can send your donation to us.

Don’t worry, it’s not over just yet! To say a huge thank you for your hard work, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit we will send you our Grow it! champion certificate and goodies. Your name will also be added to our Grow it! champions leader board.

If you are undertaking the challenge as part of a wider qualification or certificate such as the Duke of Edinburgh award or you would like to include some volunteer experience on your CV please let us know so we can provide you with a reference statement for your portfolio.

We understand that things don’t always work out so don’t worry if you don’t manage to make millions on this occasion. All we ask is that you have fun and try your best.

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Some business ideas

  • Set up a tuck shop
  • Buy a bucket and sponge with your team mates and set up a car wash
  • Bake and sell cakes
  • Set up a book stall with books you don’t read anymore


Some of the money you make during your challenge can be reinvested to continue to make even more profit!

Our promises to you

  • We will make sure you feel safe, included, encouraged and supported.
  • We will always put your wellbeing first.
  • We will make sure you are respected and treated fairly.
  • We will give constructive feedback and never criticise.
  • We will encourage you to follow our acts of kindness rules and be kind and considerate.
  • We will lead by example.
  • We will make sure that all children have the same opportunities and support to succeed.
  • We will always ask for parental consent to take and use pictures and videos.
  • We will always encourage you to have fun and enjoy your #teamairedale experience.

Where the money you raise will go

Airedale Hospital & Community Charity is the official charity of Airedale NHS Foundation Trust. With your help we look after the staff, patients and communities of Airedale.

The money you raise through the Grow it! challenge will help us to purchase the added extras that make a difference to everyone that visits Airedale. These are the things that really make a difference to patients and staff when they need it most.