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Members of Skipton Rotary donate advent calendars to Airedale’s children’s ward

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Skipton Rotary club members donating advent calendars to Airedale Children's ward

Three members of Skipton Rotary Club, Pam Ryan, Andrew Gold (who is also Airedale NHS Foundation Trust’s current Chair), and Mike Thornett, recently donated approximately 100 advent calendars to the children’s ward at Airedale Hospital.

The Rotary Club’s president, Pam Ryan, handed them over to the nurses from the ward and said:

“We hope these calendars, with their little chocolate treats, will bring some joy to the children that are in hospital at this time of year.”

Kirsty Randell, matron for children’s services at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Skipton Rotary for donating the advent calendars. It was a very thoughtful idea, especially including alternative calendars for our patients who can’t have chocolate.

They will make a huge difference to morale and bring some much needed festive cheer.”



Photographed L-R: Liz Clark (senior health care support worker), Ginette Riley (ward clerk), Kirsty Randell (matron for children’s services, Pam Ryan (Skipton Rotary Club president), Andrew Gold (Airedale NHS Foundation Trust chair and Skipton Rotary Club member), Mike Thornett (Skipton Rotary Club member), Liz Maitland (lead chaplain)