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Glynn Collins nominates Airedale Stroke Ward for £1000 donation

By 6 January 2022No Comments
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Glynn Collins, an employee at GAP Group in Bradford (a leading equipment hire company), recently nominated Airedale Hospital and Community Charity to receive a £1000 donation through the workplace’s giving scheme.


At GAP Group, any employee can nominate a charity they feel is deserving or who may have helped themselves, family or friends in the past.


Glynn chose to nominate Airedale’s Stroke Ward as it was an important cause to him.


Glynn said:

“A stroke is something that I never thought would affect me personally. It was a real eye-opener to spend my first night in hospital having had a stroke aged 53.

“I chose for the donation to go to the stroke ward because of the superb care and aftercare that I received.

“Often people would need more rehabilitation than me; it can go on for months, if not years. I hope that the donation will make a difference. If we can make a difference to someone’s life, then it’s for the greater good.”


The funds donated will go towards Airedale Hospital and Community Charity’s Stroke fund. It will allow the ward to purchase innovative and important equipment that would not be possible without generous donations like that from Glynn and GAP Group.