Leaving a gift
in my will

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Making a will not only provides you with a chance to remember the people and causes you hold dear, but allows you to dispose of all assets owned personally on the date of your death, helping to avoid the often unfortunate consequences of intestacy.

We appreciate that families and friends always come first. Many people have limited opportunity to make significant gifts to causes close to their hearts during their lifetime, even if they would like to do so. A bequest in your will can be an ideal way and also ensure your kindness is remembered.

Donations received through legacies help over 200,000 people. That is the number of people Airedale Hospital and its community services care for every single year, and that number keeps on growing. It is a lot of people – an entire community. Your community.

Our Commitment to you

Our community and supporters are at the heart of everything we do and we therefore promise:

  • We will always respect confidentiality and your right to privacy.
  • We will never put you under any pressure and we respect your choice.
  • We will always work in a timely, effective and cost efficient way.
  • Family are often the closest people in our lives, we know their need will always come first.
  • We will always use gifts wisely. We respect our position of custodians of supporters’ donations.
  • Even though we don’t know what the future might hold we will always do our best to uphold any wishes you have about the use of a gift or donation

If you choose to support Airedale Hospital & Community Charity we would love to know, but there is no obligation for you to inform us. If you choose to tell us, we will treat your information with complete confidence and it is in no way binding. We would love the opportunity to show our appreciation.

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