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Colleagues on Airedale ward 5 raise over £1,100 to invest in new rehabilitation technology

By 31 January 2022No Comments
GripAble device in use with a patient

Therapy assistant, Frank Hill and his colleagues on ward 5 (24 bed stroke and neurological rehabilitation ward) raised over £1,100 for Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, so that they can invest in new rehabilitation technology to aid upper limb recovery in stroke patients.

With the funds raised, so far the team has purchased two upper limb rehabilitation devices, which cost £450 each, that staff can use one on one with patients to assist with the recovery of upper limb function. The device sets include a tablet and a motion sensing handheld device. Using the devices, patients are guided through a variety of games and move or squeeze the handheld device to move or avoid obstacles shown to them on the tablet screen. The devices are used to improve upper limb recovery as well as coordination.

As Airedale NHS Foundation Trust covers an area of 700 square miles, the team covered 700 miles through running, walking, swimming and cycling throughout the month of October. Each member of the team and their families contributed to the total and they covered 963.6 miles overall, exceeding their original target.


(Photographed: Frank Hill (Therapy Assistant at Airedale) using one of the new upper limb rehabilitation devices with a patient)