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Challenge your children with these small acts of kindness

By 13 October 2021No Comments
Acts of kindness examples for children

The world can always do with more kindness, so we’ve come up with some acts of kindness that you could challenge your children to do.

Children are naturally compassionate, so why not foster their inherent kindness and encourage them to pass it on to their peers? Their good deed could make someone’s entire day!

  1. Help your parents with household chores
  2. Tell someone a joke to make them laugh
  3. Offer to cook or bake something for your family
  4. Tell someone why you’re thankful for them
  5. Say hi to someone you wouldn’t usually speak to
  6. Pick up some rubbish you see in the street
  7. Hold the door open for someone
  8. Call your grandparents or elderly relatives and have a chat
  9. Let someone go in front of you in the lunch queue at school
  10. Plant something in your garden
  11. If someone looks left out in the playground, invite them to play with you
  12. Make a kindness jar for someone
  13. Send a postcard to a friend
  14. Smile at as many people as you can
  15. Make a homemade gift for someone

Remember, a small act of kindness can make a big difference to someone!


We’d love to hear your acts of kindness stories, so tag us on social media @airedalecharity and use the hashtags #AOKAiredale #BeKindAiredale, or email