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Airedale Hospital and Community Charity spreads kindness on World Book Day

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Airedale Hospital and Community Charity spreads kindness on World Book Day

Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, the official NHS charity for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, visited five local schools, which are all in the Trust’s catchment area, to deliver an act of kindness for World Book Day 2024.

They visited Glusburn Community Primary School, Beckfoot Priestthorpe, Cullingworth Village Primary School, Oakworth Primary School, and Crossflatts Primary School.

The charity team presented each of the schools with health-related books, including books about how to look after your health and wellbeing, what to expect when you visit a hospital, how the body works, and books about feelings and diversity.

Airedale Hospital & Community Charity’s ‘Acts of Kindness’ (AOK) campaign aims to spread kindness and positivity at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust and in the local community. The charity took the opportunity on World Book Day to give back to local schools and young people and surprise the teachers and students with an act of kindness.

Jodie Hearnshaw, charity manager at Airedale Hospital and Community Charity, said:

“We are delighted we could take our AOK campaign on the road again for a third year.  Our local schools and young population are hugely important to us, so we wanted to extend an act of kindness to show them how special they are.

“We love World Book Day at Airedale and with this project, we wanted to highlight the importance of reading and creativity. Giving back to our community by donating books on being healthy and understanding what it is like in a hospital has been a fantastic experience. Over the past three years we have visited 15 schools. We always enjoy meeting the children and seeing them dressed up as their favourite characters!”

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